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Is it true that the Talmud condones pedophilia?

Absolutely not! I would be more than happy to discuss this issue and any of the passages which you feel support pedophilia in the Talmud with you after you answer my simple question: do you believe in the Talmud when it says that the Messiah has not come? Do you believe in the Talmud when it teaches us how to observe the day of atonement for the forgiveness of our sins?  If the answer to my questions is 'yes' then we can certainly further discuss this and have a conversation. Otherwise, a wise person once said that "disagreements within a family should be kept within the family". However, I suspect the answer is  'no'. Quite simply, you cannot use the Talmud or any such work to support your agenda when it's convenient and then otherwise throw off the rest of the document as dross. Please feel free to respond back if your answers are in the affirmative. Shalom!

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