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I sent this question to Rabbi Ari Enkin here and he responded:

~~~~I'm sorry, but the question is too long and involved to give it the considered answer it deserves. Unfortunately our free service can only answer short, discrete questions.~~~~

Which is confusing since the question is pretty much a yes/no question.  Perhaps you would be willing to help (especially since I'm a fellow high school teacher? :D )

Within the Torah, is there any explicit prohibition against any other tribe being priests?  If not, is the fact that God specified the tribe of Levi, specifically Aaron and his descendants, sufficient to implicitly prohibit any person from any other tribe from being a priest?

Another way to ask would be:  Is it sinful for anyone not descended from Aaron, the brother of Moses, to be a priest?  If so, why?

Thanks for your time!

Hi Ernie

There is no clear prohibition in the Torah against another tribe being priest. G-d chose which family/ tribe He wanted to have as priests and no human has the option to join or leave that special group. In fact, the infamous rebellion of Korach (Numbers 16) hinged on his interest in upsetting the balance of who was or was not a priest.

So, I wouldn't use the expression "sinful", but "impossible". Just as you cannot change your genetics, you cannot change your tribal heritage.

That said, Maimonides teaches that each of us can be a priest "conceptually". The priest's life was to be totally dedicated to service of G-d and that should be the aspiration of every one of us- not to take the formal priestly role, but to focus on becoming totally dedicated to the service of G-d.


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