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QUESTION: Can gentiles cook in a kosher kitchen? Will the food be kosher?

Thank you for your kind question. I think you are asking if non-Jews can cook for Jews in a kosher kitchen. If so, the answer is maybe. It would depend in various factors:

First I must assume that the food being cooked is kosher to start with. This means ritually slaughtered meat, kosher picked fruits and vegetables, kosher condiments and kosher dishes, cookware and utensils. If this is the case,

1) which tradition do the Jews who will be eating subscribe to (ie Orthodox, Reform)?
2) have those cooking been trained in the kosher preparation of food?
3) will there be adequate kosher supervision?
4) non-Jews may not cook for Jews on the Sabbath nor may the products be procured, harvested or slaughtered on Sabbath.
5) is the venue a restaurant or a private home?

Depending upon the answers to these questions and statements, it may be permissible and the product ultimately kosher. If you'd like to give me more information I'd happily try to answer your question more specifically.

If your question is whether non-Jews can cook for themselves in a kosher kitchen, my assumption and # 2,3,4  and 5 would still apply.

Thanks again for your question. I trust you will not judge me too harshly in your rating of this answer as there is simply no quick and easy yes or no answer. Follow up if desired. Shalom!

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QUESTION: It would be in a private home for orthodox jews not on the sabbath but all meat and prep/supervision will be in accordance with kosher supervision.

As long as the family you are cooking for is in agreement and you have been trained to follow the rules of kasruth I can see no reason why not. Please do not take the matron if the house checking on you from time to time as an insult.  It will be a meticulous yet rewarding experience. May you be blessed for your efforts and kind consideration. Shalom  

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