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Student of Torah wrote at 2013-06-30 16:17:32
Actually, there are many like me who go against Jewish tradition and keep the new moon on the full moon, thus making Shabuot on the full moon. When the law (light) was given, it was under a canopy of light. They didn't need the light of the full moon during Unleavened Bread, when they left Egypt, because they had the pillar of fire to light their path. Aluhym was their light.  

Student of Torah wrote at 2013-06-30 16:33:55
Also, if you look closely at the Hebrew regarding the commandment on how to count to Shabuot, you see that it says to count 50 days FROM (min)the day after the seventh sabbath, ie, 7 sabbaths plus 50 days. Min should not be translated until, but from. Example: "Baruch attah YHUH aluheinu melech haolam hamotzi lechem MIN ha aretz." Min means from the earth, not until the earth. If you review Num 33:3 and Deut 16:1, you see that Yasharal left Egypt on the night of the 15th of the 1st month, and arrived at Sinai 2 months later to the day, on the 15th day of the 3rd month. This is well after Seven sabbaths. If we believe the Jewish tradition that Shabuot was when the law was given at Sinai, then how could Shabuot have occured on the traditional counting of just 7 sabbaths, as 7 sabbaths accumulated before they even arrived to Mount Sinai. If you follow the dates from scripture, add the 3 days the Israelites washed themselves and the 40 days and nights Moses was up on Sinai getting the tablets, etc, the count comes to exactly 7 sabbaths plus 50 days, and by the way, this only works if you count to Shabuot with the sabbaths falling according to the moon, not just the feasts. Read Gen 1:14, Psalm 104:19, Lev 23, Shabbat is a muadym, and the moon is for the muadym. Your shabbat is counted from the new moon. There were 360 days in a year of 12 months of 30 days. There were 48 weeks. The order the priests served at the Temple designated by David in 1 Chronicles, was for 2 orders of 24 weeks, so that each priest served twice a year, a total of 2 weeks. 24 plus 24 equals 48. There were 48 weeks an a year. How can that be? Only with the luni-solar shabbat. Each month has 4 weeks, not counting the New moons. New moons do not fall in the week. It is neither a working day nor a Shabbat. 48 lunar weeks in the year equals 336 days. Add the 24 new moon days in the month, you get 360 days. There is your perfect calendar my friends. Saturday is Saturn worship and was implemented by the pope. It is catholic, not Jewish.  

Joel wrote at 2013-09-02 12:24:36
Actually Sabbath keeping according to the moon does not work. The new moon, which would be the first Sabbath of the month is astronomical not visual. When the new moon becomes visible a day or two later (hence when you would proclaim Sabbath), there would be less than 7 days from it until the first quarter moon marking the second Sabbath. The Torah is clear in many places that Sabbath is ever seven days. Just as I would say about being Catholic or any other faith: If you don't like the traditions of Judaism then don't become Jewish.

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