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When Abraham had sexual relations with Hagar, was this God's plan? If not, why didn't God speak to Abraham in order to stop it?

Why don't you ask G-d?

You are making a leap.  Let us assume it was not G-d's plan, why does that mean Abraham had to be stopped?  Besides, it was Abraham's wife who gave him Hagar in order to build a family.  Sara was a prophetess, it is very likely she was told by G-d to hand over her maidservant for this purpose.

You need to be very careful before assuming any wrongdoing by people as great as Abraham.  He was a very intelligent person and completely devoted to G-d's service.  I am offended by the tone of your question suggesting that Abraham would act on his physical impulses.  Abraham was ready to give up his life for defending G-d's Honor, was thrown into a huge fire for it and saved by a miracle from G-d.  His brother was not so lucky.  Abraham gave up a life with his family, established home and his country to travel to a strange land, only because G-d asked him to.  Abraham loved G-d so much that he spent every moment trying to imitate G-d's Ways.  That is what made him the master of performing kindness, there was no one that matched Abraham in kindness.  G-d called Abraham "His friend".  Abraham knew of G-d's plan to build a nation from his offspring, a nation that will continue his legacy of serving G-d.  Do you really believe Abraham would give all this up for a woman?

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