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Is it possible to kasher, in a mikvah, a pot or pan that was used to cook treif? Additionally is it allowable to use a non-kosher microwave to heat up previously cooked kosher food?


Zack, shalom!

A mikva is never used for kashering non-kosher utensils. A mikva is for immersing dishes that were purchased or acquired from a non-Jew. If a utensil becomes non-kosher, it must be kashered, generally by immersing it in boiling hot water. Sometimes a blowtorch or other exposed fire will be required. Please seek a local rabbi for further guidance.

So too, a microwave can be kashered by cleaning it out well, leaving it idle for twenty four hours, and then boiling up a glass of water until the entire microwave is filled with steam.

I hope this helps!


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