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Dear Ovadiah ben Avraham,

Thank you so very much for taking my question. I am doing research on the ritual bath known as the Mikveh. I am not Jewish and don't quite understand it. I was hoping you could help me with this issue.

What exactly is the purpose of the Mikveh? Does the cleansing the bath act as a symbolic cleansing, an actual spiritual cleansing, or both? From the sources I have read, it sounds like the traditional Jewish belief is that it is an actual spiritual cleansing, not just symbolic. Sometimes, however, it is referred to using language like "symbolism" so I wasn't sure.

Further, I read that the Mikveh is used when someone converts to Judaism. What then is the difference between the Mikveh and the circumcision? In other words, why both?

Thanks for your time and G-d bless!


The mikvah is used for spiritual cleansing, not physical. In fact, one must shower thoroughly before immersion. I hope the following article helps in your research. Shalom

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