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Greetings "again" Sheva:

Perhaps I should inform you that I was
anticipating for several  days on a response
to a question from a serious torah student.

My question was:

Q-Regarding Isaiah 8:20, And Isaiah
declares, "To the law and to the
testimony: if they speak not according
to this word, it is because there is no
light in them."

Can you tell me exactly what this
means, specifically the 'testimony'?
Isn't the Law the testimony?
Thank you!

Your reply:

Sorry, but I don't answer homework

Expert: Sheva

I'm a mature female well beyond "homework"
years and was seriously asking a question that has
Perplexed . I have enjoyed many of your answers
from my questions in the  past and thought I'd
Post this one to you as well. Is there something about
this question that sounds tricky or????


Dear Roni,
No, there is nothing tricky about this question. I prefer to answer questions about Judaism itself, not about bible study. I am not an expert in bible study.
I looked it up and asked a rabbi for you, and discovered that the words you gave me are actually an incomplete translation of the actual text.
The actual text of Isaiah 8:20 is "By the Torah and the teaching they will make this statement to you, which as no light of dawn".
The Radak, a commentary on the Torah, says that this means that he is swearing on the Torah that the people will indeed try to entice you with arguments that have no substance.
The word that your text translated as Law is "Torah", and the word that your text translated as testimony is "Teudah" which actually means teaching. However, the root of Teudah is Aid, which means witness, which is why probably why your text translated it as witness. From what text are you studying?
Basically, the verse is saying that he is swearing by the Torah, and the teaching of the Torah which bears witness to the veracity of the Torah, that people will try to convince you of unsubstantial arguments.
I hope this explains your question.
Best of luck,

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