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In the Bible it says that Sacrifices are only to be offered in the Temple, yet, Elijah offered a sacrifice on Mount Carmel that was accepted by God. Also Samuel offered Sacrifices in places other than the Temple, why is that and how do their situations differ from us today (ie, if they offered sacrifices outside the Temple, why can't we?)

Hi Marcus,

Once the Temple was erected one was not allowed to bring sacrifices elsewhere but when the Tabernacle stood in Shilo, one was allowed to bring them elsewhere and that is why Samuel was able to bring offerings where he did.  As to Elijah, this was a one time command by G-d because of the urgent need that allowed him to do so even though the Temple stood and is normally forbidden.

As for today, the prohibition for bringing them elsewhere was never lifted even though the Temple got destroyed.  We are unable to bring sacrifices on Temple Mount today because we are all "tomei" (spiritually unclean) and are prohibited to enter the area and in addition, the sacrifice would be made unfit via this uncleanliness (even if all the nations were to agree to allow us to do so, which is very unlikely).  If we were to bring the sacrifice elsewhere the same thing happens, we would render them unfit because of the uncleanliness.


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