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I started seeing God work in my life when I met a young women, I was an atheist for many months after I was deeply betrayed in my 2 former churches.

I started praying to God concerning her, as well as his actual existence. I saw things telling me to be patient, pray, and have faith concerning a possible relationship (dating). God has acted in her life, and God did indeed reveal himself to me through his creation showing me that atheists try very hard to blind others. I now believe inGod more then I ever have.

People say these were never signs and they thus must admit that God never spoke to me.

Now I'm prompted to pray for her salvation as well as mine, to ignore and over come sin and bad influence.

In the past others told me to pray, and be patient concerning the young women, now I feel God calling me home to church.

I guess my question is, has God spoken to me or is this in my head?

Though I am not a Jew one of the things that helped me believe was a Jewish scientist by the name of Gerald Schroeder who is a doctor of physics. Also after reading many jewish laws and commentaries I have seen that Christianity is very simplistic in comparison, though there are good Christians filled with faith.

Thank you for your kind question. It is clear from your questions that you are actively seeking G-d and going theough some transitions in your own life. While you find the Christian approach somewhat simplistic you also use 'salvation' in the same manner in which they do. In Judaism, we're much more concerned with sanctification and this is a life-long journey. I doubt that there is anyone who is ever stepped foot in a mosque, church or synagogue who has not at one time or another been disappointed by the other attendees, the staff or some doctrine or slight (real or perceived). A very famous theologian by the last name of Spurgeon was once asked by a potential parishioner if his church was perfect as the man said he could only join the perfect church. He thought for a moment and then with wisdom said "no, my church is not perfect. But Sir if you ever do find that perfect church please do not join it as you will make it in perfect." There is no perfect faith or perfect church. I do agree that many atheists are very strong-willed and opinionated. Not to excuse them, but I think one can understand this given the vitriol used against nonbelievers for many many years. I'm not terribly familiar with Gerald Schroeder's works but do realize that, just as in Evangelical circles where the Scriptures are taken literally and as dictated from above, some people can only have faith in what they can prove. Well this series are interesting, Faith cannot be proven otherwise it then becomes fact and requires no faith. The great sage Maimonides instructed us not to get bogged down on issues which do not enrich our relationship with the Almighty. I have long agreed with the adage that the more explanation something takes, the less likely it is to be true. In any event, to answer your question it really doesn't matter whether I think that G-d is talking with you or is active in your life. Besides, I think I answered this in a previous question of yours. Rather it is important what you think. I do think the sensitive observer can find the finger of G-d in even the most subtle occurrences. I wish you all the best in your continued search. Shalom!

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