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Dear rabbi

I have been making a request to God for the last few months, almost a year, yet I've seen very little change in the situation, but I have seen some.

I've asked God to show me things, and I always seem to get the same answer, keep praying, be patient, etc.

I often times ask God to send me people to talk to me, and very often he does.

Have you had this experience? It's happened so many times, in different ways, over the last few months, can that be coincidence? Even if it seems normal, it all touches me and tells me to be patient, but I'm also stressed a lot.

Thank you for your kind question. A wise person once said "He who does not see G-d everywhere does not see Him anywhere". I think it wonderful that you are seeking G-d's face and I have no doubt that you will find many brushes with the Divine and enjoy The presence by doing so. All the best in your continued search. Shalom!

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