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Shalom Eli-

Okay, this might sound like I'm a nutcase, but seriously after pouring over the Tanach tirelessly into the wee hours MOST is bugging the heck out of me as to why from Bereshit to Malachi...the words or phrase..
'Thus saith Hashem' (you understand)
but from Matthew thru Revelations....there is not ONE phrase of it.

My wrestlestness lies with the Apostle Paul who makes alot of claims as to what the LORD told him, but it is never preceeded with 'THUS Saith the LORD'!

To me, that phrase was like a 'Signet ring" quote, an gurantee that the reader can be SURE that what is stated comes directly, without ANY doubt from our creator!  

This question has bothered me so much, I'm on the cusp of converting to fact I'd argue I'm already there in heart...

Tossing n Turning in Texas!

Hu Rumah,
this is a very good observation. Nevi'im, or Prophets, were direct transmitters of G-d's word, and it was very important that they precede their prophecy with the "thus says Hashem" phrase, as you have noted.

The prophecy ceased with the destruction of the Temple in year 70 of the common era. In today's terms, I could explain it (somewhat simplifying, of course), as follows. You may have a cell phone that's working very well, and you may be paying your bill every month. But when you go through a National Park, for example, you'll notice it doesn't work. That's because there are no cell towers in national parks (did you know that? I only learned that recently). So - similarly, a person even in today's society may be very righteous, and may merit to be a prophet, but the "cell tower" - conditions necessary for the prophecy (The Temple and also majority of Jews living in the Land of Israel) are not met, therefore prophecy is not an option at the moment.

Now... relative to the Christian bible... The writers of the Gospels cannot and do not claim a direct transmission from G-d. So Christians refer to the Christian Bible as "inspired" - but there's no prophecy that was a part of the Christian writings. For prophecies, they refer to the Torah and Tanach, and the misinterpretations they use are frequently staggering.

Hope that helps.

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