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QUESTION: I have heard that Jews who convert to Christianity are spiritually dead, but I have trouble believing that. Is this true? Are Christian Jews lost forever?


Judaism believes that everyone has an opportunity to see the error of his ways and return to his roots.
Even someone who forsakes his religion has the opportunity to repent and return.

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QUESTION: You have made it clear that Jews who forsake the truth are punished. I am very anxious to know if this is the twelve-month refinement process or the eternal contempt mentioned in Daniel 12:2?


I don't see where you see in my response anything about punishment?

Regarding your question whether a convert out of the religion is part of the eternal contempt, I believe Maimonides is of that particular position. However, there may be a huge difference in severity depending on the motivation behind the conversion. And again, if he repents before he dies then he has the power to overcome this eternal contempt. Such is the power of tshuva.

Hope this helps somewhat. I apologize if this is not the forum for more detail on this particular question.

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