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I am performing a research on Special Divine Action as defined in various religions and very much appreciate your valued input.

For reference:

- General Divine Action are realised entirely through the natural order, and there is no conflict with what the sciences tell us about the law-governed processes constituting that natural order

- Special Divine Action (SDA), however, appears to require that God intervenes with physical effects within the natural order to turn events in a direction they would not otherwise have gone. Miracles in relation to natural order are an example of SDA.

- SDA can be construed as having occurred given the following categories:
1) Scientific laws have not changed, however the phenomena cannot be rationally explained using probability and statistics.
2) Scientific laws cannot provide an answer for the phenomena. There are three aspects:
a) SDA explicably fills in the gaps which science cannot explain.
b) SDA is based on study of questions that are unanswerable to scientific observation, analysis, or experiment.
c) SDA changes/suspends scientific laws.

Can you please answer questions 1, 2 and 3 by selecting a, b or c.

1) To what extent does the above SDA categories encompass SDA within Judaism, currently as oppose to in the past or future?
a) Completely
b) Partially
c) None

2) To what extent can SDA be understood and utilised based on Judaism, currently and in the future?
a) Completely
b) Partially
c) None

3) Have you personally observed or experienced SDA?
a) Yes (can you provide examples)
b) Not sure
c) No

If relevant can you please provide explanations for your answers.  

Many thanks

Hi Pejam,

I find your categorizations very thought provoking.  I think some require further analysis, for example SDA 2a, do you mean science has currently no answer or do you mean science will never have an answer, i.o.w. it can be proven that science will have no answer.  SDA 2b, not sure how this is different from the others.

Also I don't understand the difference between current, past and future in your questions, Judaism is Judaism in the past, present and future.  If there were to be any change in our understanding of SDA it is due to discovery of lost knowledge, not because of a change in Judaism.

So I will answer Questions 1 and 2 referring exclusively to the categories I understand, 1) and 2c).  They are completely understood as SDA in the past, present and future.

Question 3: a) Yes.  When I was looking for my first job in computers (the first ones are the hardest because I was entry level) I submitted my resume to a recruiter that I only spoke to on the phone a couple of times and never met.  She was not obliged to help me since I did not attend the school she works in and she is not a headhunter, she was not looking to be recompensed for her efforts, she did it out of pure altruism.  One day this recruiter was contacted by a business looking for person with an uncommon specialty in computers which so happened to be mentioned on my resume, which so happened to be lying on her desk at that time.  She was besides herself by the coincidence.  She matched us up and it became my first job that put me on track for my career.

Best regards,

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