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A very close Orthodox friend is visiting his family in New York for Passover, and I would like him to visit my house on Easter Sunday & wonder if there is anything I could offer/serve him that would be respectful of his very strict Passover rules. I understand that I could use paper dishes, but just want to know what beverage or tidbit I could offer him. (I'm Italian, and it would really bother me if I could not have something for him!)
Could I get him some of those jelly candies? Please try to suggest something, thank you!

Dear Paula,
If you buy kosher for Passover food, such as packaged cake or cookies, or drinks, it is possible that he would eat it. I would suggest that you leave it sealed and allow him to open it and take it for himself. There are some Orthodox Jewish families that have a custom not to eat anything out of their house or the house of their close relatives, so if he chooses not to eat anything, please don't take it personally.
Best of luck,

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