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when growing up I red the story of the Golem of Prag made by the maharal, now
someone said in the comunity about the golem of Vilna and the golem of
shneerson. as I remember the vilner goen  never said anything about a golem and
searching I found shneerson is not a city is a last name for the luvabitcher
rebe did he really made a Golem??? or is another hassidic tail

I've never heard of the Golem of Vilna or the Golem of R' Schneerson, who, yes, was a Lubavitcher Rebber. I've heard of the story of the Golem of Prague (from the Maharal of Prague), however, it the story was written by a children's author and is almost certainly untrue. There have been no other accounts from that period other than from that author and the historic basis for his story is very thin.
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