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On, I read:

"Hell is temporary -- not permanent.

"Hell is a therapy -- not an imprisonment.

"Hell is a consequence -- not a punishment.

"Hell is a washing machine -- not a furnace."

What about for exceptionally-wicked people such as Joseph Stalin (Y"Sh) and Osama bin Laden (Y"Sh)?

Hi Nicole

Great question!

In Judaism, we refer to a few different afterlife experiences. One is Gehinnom, which most people translate as "hell". A better translation might be purgatory, because the idea of Gehinnom is to cleanse the soul, so that it may enter Gan Eden (a.k.a. Heaven/ Paradise).

An exceptionally wicked soul loses the right to enter Gehinnom and, so, to be purified and elevated. Such a soul may remain in limbo for an indefinite period. At some point, these souls are destroyed altogether, as the prophets say, "G-d will remove the spirit of evil from the Earth".

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Rabbi Shishler

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