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I'm not a Jew sadly, but still find the religion beautiful.

I'm seeking to know why I have such an overwhelming urge to forgive my girlfriend. She's very childish and selfish, so why do I feel the urge to forgive and reconcile?

Hello Raul,
I think the answer to this truly transcends religious or cultural barriers. I don't know what your girlfriend did that may or may not be forgivable - but i believe I know why you have the urge to just go back to the way things were before the falling out. It is because as human beings we seek comfort and we do not like change. We are willing to pretend things that happened didn't happen, and the facts we observed were not really facts, all because we want to go back to a place where we were happy. But if you know the things that drove you apart are the things you can't live with, the history will repeat itself very quickly. Because the pain remains, and what is done cannot be undone, and what is said cannot be unsaid.

So in your mind and in your heart, you must decide whether the things your girlfriend did were something you can live with long term or not, because they won't go away and be forgotten.  Is she worth that emotional struggle? The answer very well may be "yes". But you need to take responsibility for this decision and accept its consequences.

Hope that helps.

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