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I am currently reading a story called "The Hare's Mask", that has strong symbolism pertaining to Judaism. Hares, names and the numbers 3 & 9 are used constantly throughout the piece. My question to you is what does the numbers 3 & 9 mean in your faith? I have done some research but I rather get a thought from someone who practices the faith. I am going to write in my paper that it represents the repetitious nature of the universe and the revealing of the truth. Is this correct? I would love your opinion because i don't want to misinterpret the meaning.

The story is about a Jewish man being protected from the Nazis by the author's father.
I've never heard of the explanation that you  mention, about the repetitious nature of the universe and the revealing of the truth.
This explains the number 3, but not specifically to Judaism, although this is a Jewish website:
3 represents completion, or wholeness, in various areas of Judaism. Repeating something three times implies that the speaker promises to do it.
I was not able to find anything reliable about the number 9.
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PS Pregnancy lasts 9 months, perhaps the author was symbolizing a rebirth?

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