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A person in peru claim I'm efrain called by yahweh. Herd large boom and thunder in january. States my family cast to four corner earth because sin.That curse now lifted. Met him mountain peru blowing shofar.  States I'm Able descendent. I have trampled yeah and need to take shalom in my house. Renew covenent and he would teach me. But I have to accept his teaching ,do as he says and be stricky  as he say. Otherwise me and my kid won't make it. Never taught jewish but have German descendent that went germany , to Russian almost slave then to us. I have till tomorrow or he won't help. I pray often for answer. I wish to only follow yahweh. This man jewish head gear blowing so far in peru. Please help me to discern.

Hi Diana,

I am not sure I understand your situation fully but I have a couple of points to make.

1) The Y. name you use for G-d should not be used, ever.

2) In the USA when someone tells you to sign a contract or enter a deal or investment and pressures you and rushes you, it is typically a con artist.

If you are not Jewish, the way you "can make it" is straightforward, not necessarily easy but it is not so complicated.  There are seven laws you must keep, primarily applicable are:
1) no idol worship
2) no adultery
3) no murder
4) no stealing
5) no cursing towards G-d, G-d forbid

The other two you probably do not have an issue with:
6) no eating flesh from a live animal
7) establish a court system that adjudicates and enforces the other 6 laws.

If you transgressed any of those, you must repent.  You must accept those 7 laws and keep them for your entire life.  I think most people would agree that these 7 laws are proper for any human being to follow, religious or otherwise.

If you follow those rules sincerely and obey them because you want to serve G-d, then you "will make it".

For further good counsel I would advise you to seek out an orthodox Rabbi in your area who follows the Torah strictly.

In Lima there are Rabbi Abraham Benhamu and Rabbi Itay Meushar.  I don't know them personally but I think you would do well to start with them.

Best regards,

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