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Hi Rabbi, I hope you don't mind if I ask a question based upon the Torah and Talmud. I would very much appreciate it! I wanted to ask about the hebrew word "mishkebi" or "lyings of a woman" as referred to in Gen. 49:4, Lev. 18:22 and 20:13. From what the Rabbis have written, lyings of women are anal and vaginal intercourse. In Num. 31:17,18,36 and Judges 21:11-12, Moses and Eleazar had commanded that all females who had not known mishkev "lying of man" to be killed. I'm assuming that lyings of a woman can't be experienced without lying of a man being experienced simultaneously. They are one with each other. In this case, a woman would be considered as having experienced the lying of a man whether she had experienced anal or vaginal intercourse. This is my question. One could tell through the breaking of the hymen that vaginal intercourse had gone on. How would it have been known whether or not anal intercourse had happened? Say a woman had had anal intercourse but not vaginal, how would it have been known in order to kill her? Thank you Rabbi!

Hi Frank,

Sorry for the late reply.  Please note I am not a Rabbi.

In Numbers the Rabbis teach that the verse is not referring to females that experienced actual intercourse but rather females who are of age to have intercourse.  No physical examination was required.

If you need further clarification don't hesitate to ask.

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