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Dear Rabbi,
I was trying to explain, in general terms, how the koshering process works to a Gentile friend. I always thought that kosher food could not be harvested or produced on Sabbath. My friend pointed out to me how untenable this would be for large manufacturers. So, were my Fritos produced on Saturday? Were my vegetables plucked on the Sabbath? If the answer is that it's done for large quantities of people, likely more Gentiles than Jews, doesn't this undermine the entire process? Couldn't they just as easily say "that pork wasn't put in there for you Jews" either? Thanks in advance

Hi Ovadiah

Great question- one that many people don't stop to think about.

But, you have really hit the nail on the head. Fod cannot become "treif" by being produced on Shabbos. Yes, it may become forbidden to eat, but not because of Kashrut, rather because of the restrictions of Shabbos.

There are essentially three stages to consider:

1. A Jewish person cooks on Shabbos. That person may never eat that food. Another Jewish person may eat that food after Shabbos.

2. A non-Jewish person cooks for a Jewish person on Shabbos. No Jewish person may eat that food until enough time to have cooked it passes after Shabbos.

3. A non-Jewish person produces food for the anonymous public. A Jewish person may eat that food without hesitation.

Now, we do say that a Jewish person who desecrates Shabbos may not be trusted with regards to the kashrut of their kitchen (because they are clearly non-observant), but this does not mean that food produced on Shabbos is automatically non-kosher.

Kind regards,

Rabbi Shishler

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