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Why are women discouraged and, in some cases, even forbidden to observe certain mitzvot—such as wearing tzitziyot, mesorot—even being morot Torah in Bais Ya'akov schools, and minhagim—such as wearing kippot—in Orthodox Judaism?

Dear Nicole,
A woman's role in Judaism simply doesn't include most of these mitzvot. The mitzvot of tzitziyot and kippa are visual reminders for the wearer of Hashem's reign over the world. Many explain that the reason a woman doesn't wear tzitziyot or a kippa is because women don't need visual reminders to remember that Hashem rules the world - in effect implying that she is superior to men in this matter. Women are not forbidden to be morot. Most Orthodox schools in the area that I live have exclusively female teachers. I think two have some male teachers, but even in those schools most of the teachers are women.
What do you mean by 'mesorot'?
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