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Ben wrote at 2015-09-02 04:11:51
It is absolutely false that an Orthodox Jew cannot marry a convert. A convert to Orthodox Judaism is just as much a Jew as anyone who was born Jewish and the Torah forbids treating the convert as anything less. When I converted the Bet Din asked me to bless them as I was the holiest person in the room. I hope the questioner got better advice than he did from you!!!

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I am an ex-student of yeshiva and I like to be presented with Torah study problems. If you have studied the Torah and have questions on the subject matter, I want to hear about it. I am not a Rabbi and not qualified to decide halachic issues. I am still interested in halachic questions for which I can sometimes offer general guidelines or present decisions in halachic works such as Mishna Berurah. I welcome questions from non-Jewish people but I cannot respond to religious references that are not part of Judaism. If you are working on a paper or doing research and want general information on a Jewish subject, I may or may not satisfy your need, depending on how comfortable I am with the question. If you have a personal problem, I am not qualified to help you but I will do what I can to offer you some assistance.


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