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Do Jews turn white men into homos in order to destroy the white race?
Also why do Jews encourage white women to breed with negroes?

Hi Charles,

I don't turn white men into homos and none of my friends or acquaintances do nor did I ever hear of a Jew doing that.  One of the reasons we Jews have suffered so greatly in our 2000+ years of diaspora is because we receive the retribution for the sins committed by non-Jews.  Why would we offend G-d and add to our suffering?

I don't encourage white women to breed with negroes and none of my friends or acquaintances do nor did I ever hear of a Jew doing that.  However, we do not object to a mixed race union, we are not racists.

Years ago the USA and the world did either not know or paid no attention to Iran developing a nuclear weapon.  A Jew started making waves about it.  The USA administration first denied the threat was as grave as made out by that Jew.  It took the USA about 2 years to change their mind.  Now the same Jew is fighting another struggle with the USA administration to deny Iran the chance of building nukes.  His name is Benjamin Netanyahu.  Jews build, they do not destroy.

Did I manage to make you look at Jews in a new light?


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