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How is the significance of Abraham's purchase understood when the owner wished to give him the tomb without charge?  Why do you suppose he felt that he had to give money for it rather than accepting the gift of same?

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I'm sorry, this question is a bit outside my expertise but I will give it my best. Torah study is not my strongest point.
I would imagine that Abraham wanted to own the land outright, to prevent future legal issues regarding the resting place of his wife. As I understand it, Efron, the original owner of the land, was known to not be a very honest businessman.
We learn from this section of the Torah to 'Say little but do much". Meaning, only make promises that you will deliver on, and try to go above and beyond.
Efron first offered to give it for free - he said "much" - but then charged 400 silver coins - his actions were 'little'. Meaning, he did not keep to his original offer, and his actions did not match up to his original words. I hope this helps.
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