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How is it that messianic rabbis and other Christians read the Old Testament and see hundreds of prophecies fulfilled in the New Testament, and Jews don't see any prophecies fulfilled?

Are they reading different texts, or are they reading the same texts with mistranslations?

If mistranslations, how can I learn the original texts in their original concepts without layers of mistranslations?

Many thanks for your help.

They are reading the same text (in general-the KJV is slanted and interpreted towards the Jesus myth), but they start with the conclusion and work backwards much like the perfect archer who shoots the arrow first then paints the target around it. I would recommend a good Jewish translation if you don't read Hebrew (the best is to learn Hebrew yourself) like the Jewish Publication Society (JPS):


I also recommend this series from Jews for Judaism:


Thanks for your kind question. All the best, shalom!

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