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Does the Jewish religion incorporate any being like Satan or the devil into its beliefs? A pagan friend of mine says the "dark one" is pretty much only a part of Christianity and Satanism.

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The quick answer is that Judaism also has a form of Satan in its literature, however it differs greatly from the persona described in Christian literature.
Judaism believes that the Satan is actually an angel who works FOR God - not one that rebels against Him.
He is sent to create challenges for human beings thus increasing their reward upon successful outcome.
We believe that God never tests a person with a challenge too great for him to overcome. They are tailor made for his strengths and weaknesses.
Should a person fail, the particular weakness that Satan "exploited" is taken into account and thus minimizes any potential "punishment" or cleansing process to get them "back on track".
Many authorities believe that Satan, the Angel of Death and the Evil Inclination are all one and the same.

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