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Orthopedics/pain near elbow


Hello Doctor,

I am a 45 year old woman that may have experienced an injury in my right arm last October, 5 months ago. I was using a leaf blower and something happened to my elbow. Since then I have been having pain in this area. When I fully extend my arm, I feel tension-like pain in the area to the side of my elbow. I can lift objects directly from the floor with my arm fully extended without any pain. I have to maintain the full extension though. I cannot lift objects with that arm without pain when I start lifting an object then try curling it. What could I have injured to cause this joint pain? Shouldn't it have healed by now?

Thank you so much for your opinion Doctor, I really appreciate it.

Sounds either like lateral or medial epicondylitis, these are the knobs at our elbows where the muscle/tendons insert. It is caused by usage. It can take months to get over,b/c it can be continually flared up. Try OTC nsaids, ice 3 x day,moist heat, range of motion exercise,stores ell elbow straps which may help,if after 4 wks its not better-go to your doctor/ortho for Rx nsaid,PT and possible cortisone injection. Surgery is rarely indicated.


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