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I am 65 plus old,Weight-62-63 Kg,Height-5 Ft 7.5 Inches,BMI-Normal.My Range of Motion of knees is not AT ALL RESTRICTED.I have no warm feeling,no swelling/no pain in my knees.Only thing I feel at this age that when I stand up  from chairs in sitting position a bit stiffness is felt in the knees and when I move/bend my knees a Crunching/Creaking Sound is often felt.IS IT A SIGN OF EARLY KNEE ARTHRITIS?Also I love walking too much ,but it is said that if a man suffers from knee Arthritis he should restrict his walk.BUT WALKING IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME,as I take Blood Pressure Medicines and Cholesterol Controlling Drugs.Please advise some exercises and also intimate maximum walking I should take per day and at a stretch

kalyan- Crunching in the knee is not uncommon, it usually is chondromalacia patellar-which mean inflammation of the inside portion of the knee cap and this rubs against knee joint causing crepitus or the crackling you are hearing. You also may have osteoarthritis which is classically stiff in the morning and gets better during the day with use. In USA we would inject with cortisone/lidocaine first, then something like synvisc (synthetic Joint fluid). I would walk as tolerated. Keep your weight down as this will help. Surgery is rarely indicated for chondromalacia.


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