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Dr. Durnin,
Thank you in advance for your advice. I noticed about 2 nights ago that my wrist is very sore when I bend it forward. No pain when I bend it back or side ways. I can see no apparent lump and do not do anything (computer etc.) that would cause repetitive movements for prolonged periods. I do exercise daily and do yoga which at times warrants me supporting myself with wrist/hands etc.
I do not remember any kind of injury. Just noticed it as I was reading the other night and bent my hand forward that it was tender.Is this something i should give some time or perhaps have checked out. I am 45  years old and do not have any diseases such as arthritis etc.
I would appreciate your help.

Hi Tamara,

This is a common complaint we see a lot of in practice. More than likely it is just a subluxated carpal bone (partial dislocation). Wrist bones glide against each other and sometimes they get pushed out of place which can get painful with end range of motion. The solution is get it adjusted/manipulated back in place by a Chiropractor that does extremity manipulation. The solution is fast and painless.

Hope this helps,

Dr. Timothy Durnin


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