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  I had a extensive hip revision done in 2012.  Recovery was very long. I was on crutches for a year prior to my surgery and a year after my surgery. In 2014, I started rehab. All good. I have Achilles' tendon partial tear so I am back in therapy. The therapist believes my gait is off so we are trying to strengthen my hip that has has all the surgeries on. So the other day we were doing leg extensions with only 4 pounds of weight. The thigh was very tired but not painful. The next morning, I had extreme pain in my thigh. I could not walk on it. I thought I may have over done so I cancelled my next PT appointment. The thigh felt a little better the next day. And the day after that it was good. That weekend, I noticed a bruise on my thigh and a huge divot in the thigh. It runs horizontal across the thigh. It pretty much goes almost from one side to the other. It is a little sore if you press in certain spots but not bad. The divot is always there even if you flex your quads. I  seem to be able to walk on it alright. Except for the achilles. I showed my pt therapist and he has never seen anything like it.

So I know you can not diagnose over the internet, but have you ever seen anything like this? I am not a big person so it is very noticeable. Any ideas? Thank you for your time.

Sounds like a muscle rupture or tear of a portion of your will see it from time to time in weight lifters in the upper arms or biceps... That's most likely with your description and probably will always have that there unfortunetly if your thinner it will be more noticeable. I would check with your orthopedic but most likely they won't do surgery since you're not a professional athlete it wont make a whole lot of difference  in your functionality


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