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At work last night a had a wicker from a cable puncture the skin in between my index and middle finger (very close to my middle knuckle) it went through the backside of my hand. I'm not sure if it hit the joint of the knuckle or not as it happened so fast. All I can see is the very small entry and exit. It only bled about a drop out of both holes. Anyway I didn't think much of it knowing I'm good on my tetanus shot (3 years). Approx an hour later is started to feel stiff without being swollen just that knuckle. Approx 5 hours later my whole finger is stiff and hurts to the touch especially at the other knuckles. It's not locked but I only have about an inch of movement measured at the tip of that finger before the pain gets pretty bad. I'm no stranger to fractured fingers. It hurts worse than that when I move past that inch. Am just wondering if I should go in. It seamed to fast for an infection and it's not warm or red. I'm at a loss and was hoping there was a reasonable explanation for the rest of the finger getting stiff and hurting. I'm not much for going in cause I'm kinda broke haha. Just looking for some insight before I  inevitably take my but I to the doctor for a sliver. ;) thanks for your time!! Oh and I can't straighten the finger very well, it's painful to do. Should I splint it?

Sorry this question just came through on my email. You should definitely get this looked at if you haven't already. This should be covered under workers comp and you would not be out any money. These minor appearing injuries can be really severe you can get an infection that runs along the tendon and causes the symptoms you're having. You would at least need to get on antibiotics hopefully you would not need surgery I would get into an orthopedic clinic


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