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Orthopedics/Pain after hip replacement


Steve walker wrote at 2015-12-03 19:20:06
Broke my hip in January 2015 told that I had dislocated shoulder only still in extreme pain on gas and air unable even to move finally after being told to go home there was no fracture ! They took more X-rays  Found out the was a fracture  after all layer in hospital bed for five weeks flat on my back unable to move fantastic nursing by the staff  , that my story ,oh no went on holiday sept 2015 fell out of bed landed on my knee which had been replaced forcing the top sike further up in to my thigh bone  went to hospital to have checked out X-rays Done all well sent off to recover back to see docs in November had ultra sound now found out I have had bone fragments in my leg since the first  fall in February  


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Sharon Davis


I can answer questions on physical therapy after hip replacements; The problem of depression after this surgery; How to find a good surgeon; What questions to ask when interviewing a surgeon; What to expect after surgery; How hip surgery affects a younger person; What you can expect insofar as healing; Pregnancy issues, and all general questions on recuperation.


I had my first set of bi-lateral hips put in at the age of 16. I am now 50. I have had to have my legs virtually reconstructed each time I have had the surgery. I know first hand how this surgery can affect all facets of homelife, career, child bearing, and physical appearance.

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