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Osteoarthritis/Osteoarthritis in Knee


My right knee shows osteoarthritis in 3 places. I have an appt. w/the orthopedic dr. next week, but can't get in any sooner. My knee is pretty good as long as I ice it & rest it.  Also using Extended Release Tylenol as my NP told me to do.  The problem is not just my knee, the pain travels down into my calf mostly on the outside, but sometimes it hurts on the inside of the calf.I accidentally banged into a piece of furniture several weeks ago & I'm wondering if I did damage that the x-ray didn't show.  The last time I saw my NP it was better, but since then it's gotten worse on a lot of days.  We've had lots of rain, so I"m sure that doesn't help. Also, some of your other answers said take Glucosamine Sulfate.  Most bottles say Chondroitin & the Sulfate is in fine print on the ingredient list. How much Sulfate should there be? Thanks.

Hi Marcia,

There is still debate on which is better but little debate that both are proven to work better than anything else offered. Short answer is get it in any proportion in liquid or powder filled capsule form. Caplets don't dissolve until it's too late to be absorbed. Hyaluronic acid injection may also help (goes under many brand names such as (Synvisc) but do NOT take nsaids for OA. Tylenol actually inhibits chondrocytosis and will accelerate the degenerative process while it blocks inflammation. Think of it as shutting the fire alarm off instead of putting out the fire. You are doing your joints, not to mention your liver, no favors by taking any nsaid. The calf pain is probably soft tissue injury or referred pain from the knee and wouldn't show up on any x-ray anyway. Continue ice as needed take GS/CS combo preferably with MSM (better for inflammation) and injections if needed. Not steroid injections to be clear and that should help significantly. Also......

Glad to help!

Dr. Timothy Durnin


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