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I am looking to get a translation of a simple phrase "Move Forward" i want this as a tattoo iam an australian with a welsh background directly linked to viking culture and i can not find a way to translate into old norse or even if there wasa symbolic language futher back.Can you help me.
Thanks Mike

I don't know a thing about Old Norse, Welsh or anything beyond Norwegian and English.  However, I do have a friend that has studied a lot of those sorts of things at a Ph.D level.  I have sent her an email to see if she knows - that said, being able to read runes, Old Norse, ancient texts ... are all different than knowing how to construct your own sentences and concepts.  I have no idea if she would be able to do that or not.  

If I hear back from her I will be glad to update you, but I wouldn't hold your breath.  

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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I can answer questions about Norway or the Norwegian language. I can also answer questions about American Sign Language and Deaf culture as a whole. I can provide translation help between Norwegian and English as long as the text is limited in length.


Norwegian: I am married to a Norwegian man and spend my summers in Norway immersed in Norwegian culture and language. American Sign Language: I am a sign language interpreter which has required many years of classes learning the language, learning about the culture of the Deaf world, and interacting with the Deaf community.

Norwegian: Norwegian language classes at the University of Oslo; self-guided learning through textbooks and tutoring from family and friends. American Sign Language: more than three years of Sign Language and Interpreting studies at the college level in Missouri as well as real-world interpreting experience.

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