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Salaam Mr Parsa,

I'm an English born boy who has always had a great interest in Persia. My grandfather is a fluent speaker in Persian and teaches me how to write persian and speak it well. I've always admired the beauty of the Persian calligraphy and think persian is the most poetic language in the world (Hamid Askari is my favourite singer).

But my great grandparents came from British India (or modern day pakistan) and arrived from villages 80-120 miles east of the Indus river. Traditionally, the Indus river was the border from 'Hindustan' and Persia, but the area that surrounds it has been in different hands continuously for the last 2 thousand years between Afghans, Persians and Indians.

Since it has been considered the same territory as Afghanistan for the majority of the last 1000 years (the area i am from was part of the Ghaznavid, Mughal and Durrani empires from 975 - 1801). If Afghanistani's can call themselves Persian, can't i also?

Thanks for reading. I consider myself English primarily. But when people ask me where i'm from, i would love to say Persia. But right now, i feel like i would be lying if i said so. Since you say you are an expert on Persian history, borders and culture, i hope you can help. Most people say i look different from most Indians since i have quite pale skin and blue eyes.

Khoda Hafez,


Dear Ryan,

This is a matter of what 'Persian' means. Persian might be considered as a word for both nationality and ethnicity.

There are numerous and various suggestions provided about the definition of nationality, some of which include you as a Persian individual while some do not. Generally, calling yourself Persian would be alright as long as it's not getting you any specific interests-- social rights, citizenship, etc.

Persian as a term for ethnicity requires your accordance on cultural, linguistic, religious and behavioral commons other than racial and geographical commons.

Hope this helps,
Best Regards, Mojtaba Parsa

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