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What are the most common mistakes that Persian speaking people make? For example, some English speakers have issues with its vs it's. Are there any such common mistakes in Persian?

I am very sorry for my late reply. I didn’t know that my AllExpert account had been reactivated.

I can think of these issues:
-   Making plural following the Arabic grammar for the Persian words without Arabic origin
-   Making plural of the words which are already plural
-   Excessive, unnecessary use of bombastic words in wrong context and sense
-   Misspelling since for one sound different letters can exist in the Persian alphabet
-   Misspelling since some of the words borrowed from Arabic are not easy to pronounce for the Persian speakers; therefore, it is not obvious for them how they should be written
-   Happens for very few words: writing and saying some words similar to the correct words but not exactly the same
There is a great book “غلط ننویسیم”  “Ghalat nanevisim" = "not to write incorrectly" or "Let's Avoid Mistakes” by Abolhassan Najafi, where many of such instances are collected and explained.

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