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Salam Mojtaba,
I have come across the following
.اگر جاهائرا که میخواهم ببینم دیدم که دیدم وگرنه انشا.الله سال اینده
The "di:dam ke di:dam" seems unusual. Could you please explain the meaning of this. And could you please also give me one or two more examples of instances where such a construction is commonly used in Persian.
Many thanks for your help!

Dear Tongren,
اگر جاهایی را که می‌خواهم ببینم دیدم که دیدم
The term 'دیدم که دیدم' points out that you expect your conditional situation to come true. I don't really know how English has a same structure for saying this. This is like: "If I can visit places where I want to visit, well, OK. Otherwise, maybe next year."
Other examples:
اگر این غذا را خوردی که خوردی. و گرنه باید تا صبح گرسنه بمانی.
If you eat the meal, well, it's ok. Otherwise you are going to spend the whole night hungry.
اگر امروز به من زنگ زد که زد. و گرنه فردا از او شکایت خواهم کرد.
If he calls me today, then OK. Otherwise I'll prosecute the case tomorrow.
He is going to call me today, or I'll prosecute him tomorrow.

Hope this helps,
Sincerely Mojtaba

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