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I'm looking for a term for boyfriend, such as
"He's my boyfriend," not for a term of
endearment one would call another.
But I'm looking for something more along the
lines of what mature adults who are not yet
engaged/married would use, rather than the
sort of casual, young relationship which
"boyfriend" implies.

Dear Caren,
When someone is your 'خواستگار', he has proposed marriage to you and you have not yet decided whether you are going to accept or not. Once you said yes, he is still your 'خواستگار' until you become engaged ('نامزد'). But it does not usually take so long when a 'خواستگار' becomes a 'نامزد' in Persian culture.
Otherwise, he is your 'دوست پسر' no matter how old and mature any of you are, especially when there is no intention or commitment for marriage.
Living in a same house and having a life together without having it legalized is not historically such a common way of being into a relationship in Persian culture. The relationship itself is called 'ازدواج سفید'. Although there is no specific name for what one would call another in such a relationship, you may use 'هم خانه' and 'دوست' when you want to refer to that.
Apart from this, not every relationship can be named neither in Persian nor in any other language. As for the term 'complicated' in English, people may have unique stories in their lives and may never be able to introduce them by names.
Hope this helps, Mojtaba Parsa

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