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Hello Mojtaba,
I have a question regarding pronunciation of the Persian world ma'dudi ("a few") in the following sentence:
dar kenar-e shi'e dar iran ma'dudi-e sonni wojud darad.
Question 1: is ther an ezafe between ma'dudi and sonni?
Question 2: what is the emphasis/accent on ma'dudi? is it on the last sylable -i or on the long syllable  -du?
Many thanks for your help.
BTW do you know how to get the keyboard on the screen of my PC? I have Farsi as script but cannot see the keyboard on my screen.

Dear Tongren,

Glad to see you back!

To your question, there is no 'اضافه' between معدودی and سنّی.
The emphasis is also on the second syllable 'du'.
The word is of course معدود which means 'few'. Then 'معدودی' means 'a few'. Just like: 'dog' (سگ) and 'a dog' (سگی) as in "I saw a dog: سگی را دیدم.".

To get the Persian keyboard, depending on what OS you're using, the procedure may differ. You can however goto Control Panel > Region and Language on Windows to find and install Persian keyboard at 'Keyboards and Languages tab', on Windows.
Once the language is installed, you may switch between EN (as for English) and FA (as for Farsi) by simply pressing Alt + Shift, anywhere.
Hope this helps.
Sincerely, Mojtaba

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