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Hi Mojtaba,
My doubts about my translation refer to those sentences where I have put three question marks (???). Can you please check whether my translation reflect the Persian text. Also, is the text Persian, or is Dari?
Thanks and best regards,

Dear Tongren,

Since the Persian text has meant to be a little poetic, it may be hard to literally translate it to get a firm logical understandable meaning out of it. But here are some tips:

In the second paragraph, it says: "I want to gift you a bright star to make you stay together, to make your nights as shiny as days, and to make you always happy and successful."

For other parts, I think there is nothing wrong with your translation and all is left is the interpretation (e.g. I also don't know what a sky full of pure shining night is, but the text says that it exists. So it is a matter of interpretation indeed, rather than the translation --maybe he meant to say in a poetic way that since it was a full moon that night, the sky hosted a pure beautiful shining 'night').

You may go for it and not be so hard on such amateur poetic scripts. I admire your consistence on this though.

Hope this helps.
Sincerely, Mojtaba

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