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David Lashof - violin all expert wrote at 2015-07-30 03:17:07
The "expert" here, is not very knowledgeable about cello's. There are no nut or bridge rivets on a cello. They are wood, only wood. Now  he was correct that the strings can't be just switched, it has more to do with the asymmetry of the bridge, nut, fingerboard and inner construction as well as the peg position.

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Zachary D'Alessio


I can provide answers to several instrument-related questions regarding the flute, guitar, bass guitar, double-bass, cello , violin, viola, drum set, trombone - all variations, bassoon, and piano . I have had at least a one year's experience on all instruments mentioned above. Although I am only eighteen years of age, my future career is in music. I now attend the School of Music at East Carolina University for Composition and Theory, and a double major for Music Education.


My experience regards questions from all types of music. My weaknesses are mainstream media concerning new age music such as pop, country, and rap. I will listen through soundtrack, alternative, rock, metal, orchestra, classical and so on. I have played the electric bass guitar for eight years, the double bass for almost 2 years now, and the electric and acoustic guitar for 4 years. I started on the flute in sixth grade just to give it a try, and didn't like it all that much, but I do recognize it's major role in all types of music. In seventh, eighth grade, and some of nineth grade, I played the Bassoon. I love it, however, it's expensive reed costs and hard-to-find bassoon rentals prevented me from pursuing it any longer. I switched to trombone and sat first chair in the Honors Wind Ensemble 2 months after learning how to play the instrument from self-taught methods. I have played all variations of the trombone; trigger, double-trigger, and bass trombones included. I tried valve trombone, but I never really expanded in playing experience. I have played the violin and cello on the side, by requesting my high school orchestra teacher if I could borrow the instruments and try to learn them on my own. I tried for about a year on both instruments. I dance around with the keys of the piano in our house, although I don't know much about how to play it, I do use it to write or perform the thoughts in my head when it comes to my own musical compositions. It's where I start. I am not that good at the drums, it may be my coordination sucks, but I try. I do incorporate it's important rhythmic role into the music I write, and do my best to include the best sound from it as possible.

High school education... Almost graduated. This'll change when this semester ends, and I can say I have my diploma.

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I have provided bass guitar lessons to several people in the area. I also work at the Music and Arts Center, a company that is recognized as the string, brass, wood wind, and percussion half of Guitar Center.

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