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I recently acquired a Hohner "Twenty - L" piano acordian, serial # 248634, D.R.P. 550968 and would greatly appreciate any information you could give me in regards to it. Thank you.

I am unable to give you any kind of price range, as that is out of my expertise, but I can tell you a bit about where it came from!

It's a Hohner, which is a German company. It's the oldest accordion company and is considered one of the top brands. The Twenty L is no longer made, and I was surprised to find little to no information regarding them. Hohner themselves, though, tend to make accordions more for the professional hand. They tend to be smaller and lighter than other companies, which helps keep performers from tiring too quickly. Their designs tend to be much simpler, which means no rhinestones or other over the top designs, but their colors and paint jobs are beautiful in their own right. Sound wise, the Hohner tends to be much sharper, lending itself more to a band without drums. The reason is because the drums tend to affect the sound and require a much thicker tone. If this is an instrument you intend to use or learn on, I think you will be very happy with it! I would consider it perfect for all age ranges! If this is an instrument you're attempting to sell, I personally am unable to price it, but you could look at comparable prices at any of these sites:


For more information on Hohner:

I hope this helped you! I'm sorry I couldn't find anything specific to your accordion, but from the looks of the others online, they seem to still be a newer brand, just out of commission recently.

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