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I found this trumpet or cornet and I really want to know make/model/age. It has Karl Schubert engraved on the bell.

It's a trumpet sold by JW Jenkins' Sons out of Kansas City Mo. It appears that Jenkins used the Schubert name in the 1920s and 30s.  It was a trade-name, not an actual maker.  Jenkins used a variety of names on his instruments in addition to Schubert.  All of the engravings of the Karl Schubert instruments that I have seen, simply say "Karl Schubert". As far as model, you'll have to hunt and see if you can find a model number. Holtons from around that time had the model number engraved horizontally on the second valve casing, just above the bottom valve cap (something like "T602"). I'm not sure if yours has something similar, but it's worth a look, that'll give you the information you need to identify it.

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