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I know this might be a stretch, but I was unable to find a singing expert and wanted to ask if there were health benefits to voice training? I have developed a cough with no medically known cause and it is unclear what might cause it to start up. I was considering that it might be underdeveloped or weakened vocal muscles? I am shy and don't talk much and was thinking I might have lost some control in my throat.

I personally sing as a hobby and am a nurse, so I can try and give you my own experiences and knowledge.

First of all, I'm not a doctor and a persistent sudden cough could be an indicator for a worse medical problem, so I would definitely urge you to talk with your doctor about this problem first to rule out any underlying issues.

As far as the possibility of a cough being from weak vocal cords, I could potentially see that if you truly are very soft spoken and shy. Honestly, It's a great way to build confidence by itself. I think the best way you could test this theory is to find a set of vocal warm ups and exercises in your vocal range and I would try to set aside a time each day to do a couple. The biggest thing is to really make sure you're utilizing your core and work on projecting your voice. It would be best if you could get lessons as they can truly teach you proper posture, breathing, etc to help reduce potential injuries, but I also understand those can be very expensive.

I wish you the best and hope this ends up helping you!

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I can identify specific instruments in a piece of music, or in a video. I can provide information on how an instrument is used and the history behind it. This includes a large variety of instruments from all over the world. Asian instruments are my strong area, but I have a wide variety of knowledge on instruments in many other countries.


I collect music from around the world. Part of my interest is a research into what gives that area's music such a unique sound, and in order to find that out, I have to be familiar with what instruments are used and the history behind them, so I have spent many hours doing research on my own time and learning about a large variety of musical instruments around the world.

1 year of music history classes (no degree), 3rd year of college for nursing.

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