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I used to play Age of Empires and Age of Empires 2 and Hearts of Iron 2 and Europa Universalis 2, but didn't like the idea of Age of Empires 3. Do you have any other game recommendations for people who've played those 2 games? I haven't been playing since 2010, so I am wondering what's available. I should mention that I didn't like Rome:Total War.

Hello, Geoff!

It really depends on what aspects of those games you liked. That's a pretty broad subject to cover though.

Age of Empires series and the Europa Universalis series are pretty distinctly different styles. Age of Empires is more strictly RTS, focusing on building up a base and overwhelming your opponent by either rushing or outproducing them (which is the core of any RTS game). The strategy is more in what kinds of units you build, and how you set up your base. AOE 3 was not really much of a departure from that style, and perhaps that's the issue.

EU is more focused on the empire building, and less on the RTS aspects. I've played a few of those games and they have a wonderful depth to them, allowing you to carefully manage and build up your empire turn by turn. I think that's probably the kind of game that you'd like playing, at least from what you've explained to me. Those kinds of games are less popular, and hence there are fewer of them, but I've come across some gems.

Europa Universalis: Rome was an excellent game...you may not like the time period though, I'm not sure. EU 4 is coming out on August 13th, and I'd highly recommend it from the previews I've seen. If you liked Hearts of Iron 2, you might find the 3rd installment to your liking as well.

Now you may not have liked Rome: Total War...there is a sequel coming in September, and I'm personally rather excited. If I were you, I would research it a bit and see if it might be worth trying, but I wouldn't buy it if I were you, unless you're sure it's worth the money. It's going to be vastly improved and have better empire building.

Aside from those titles...there's the Civilization franchise. I enjoy them as well. Anything from Civ 3 to Civ 5 is great. They aren't as deep as the other strategy games, but have their own fun merits in that they allow a little bit less 'hardcore' enjoyment. I'd recommend checking them out, however they are strictly turn based and have no RTS at all.

If you have any follow up questions or would like more depth and explanation, let me know!


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