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I used to have a friend that had the original company of heroes and it's first expansion, opposing fronts. I really enjoyed the game and recently I have started getting back into PC gaming even though it's all old games such as Age of Empires, but I'm not very familiar with how company of heroes works as from what I understand you need to have an account to play even off-line on Opposing Fronts and the following Tales of Valor, and that you need Steam to play online as the original servers no longer exist.  I'd like to buy all three, and I'd like to spend the least amount of money obviously,  so i've been looking at ebay and amazon for deals on both new and used games, but i'm not sure if buying a used game is a good idea since I think  it has to be activated on a maximum of three computers  and possibly has to retain its original account, I really am not entirely sure however. My other  problem is that since online gaming now requires Steam will I  have to purchase the game from Steam or can I purchase a retail version and then later use it on Steam?


Hello Alec,

You are correct that the original servers for Company of Heroes are no longer online. Like a lot of the older RTS games, they've moved to Steam. Steam has recently rereleased a lot of the older games like Age of Empires 2, Rise of Nations, Age of Mythology, and such, Company of Heroes among them.

If you don't already own the game and its expansions, you can purchase the retail versions and activate the CD keys through Steam if you like (through the "Games" menu). I would advise against this unless the game is sealed, as the keys can only be registered once and you could be scammed. You can also purchase the game through Steam (which often has sales to reduce the price!) If you do, the registration is quick, easy, and secure so that you know for sure it will work.

You will definitely need to download Steam (which is free, fortunately), and regardless of whether you have a hard copy or a Steam copy, you can register the CD key on Steam and the online features will be available to you. If you liked Company of Heroes, you will definitely want to look at Company of Heroes 2, which is an excellent sequel.

I hope that helps. If something is unclear, let me know.

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