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In a base ATX desktop box which is the best that can be installed in terms of the motherboard and cpu?

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ANSWER: The answer to your question is very broad and is subjective. You can ask this same question to 5 different people like me and you will get 5 different answers. Most of the answers will most likely be right. It is just a matter of opinion.
Start here: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/search.asp?keywords=atx+moth

The only other advice I can give is I have always had good luck with ASUS hardware. From the same website above you can also check out the motherboard/processor combos. You can really get some good deals.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Keith,

Let me explain the origin of my question:

I have a "base ATX" full tower desktop which is a great box with lots of bays, etc. I'd like to upgrade it with a new motherboard & CPU. I'm trying to figure out which would be the fastest CPU family (either Intel or AMD) that my ATX box would be able to support. Let's say I'd like to get an Intel i7 ... how can I know if the i7 is compatible with the base ATX, otherwise I'd have to look if the i5 is, and so on until I find a CPU family that fits ...

After I said that, I started to realize that what has to be compatible with the base ATX connector is the motherboard, and then from the set of ATX motherboards I have to select one that supports the i7 processor (same CPU socket, etc)


I have to look at motherboards that support the i7 CPU I want, and from that set of motherboards, I have to find those that are base ATX and narrow it down to one...

Did I get that right?

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If I were you I would go AMD. You will save a lot of money and I have really never seen any significant difference in performance between similar intels. Here is a link to a very good deal for an AMD quad, motherboard, and 4 GBs of RAM.

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