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I have two desktop computers hardwired into a wireless modem. Up until last week, both computers worked flawlessly. I had a router and a modem. Then I switched ISP provider and they put in a wireless Cisco router.
Now, one computer works fine, the other one works fine when I remove the ethernet cable but when I plug it in it just shuts the computer down after about 30 min. of use. Then I have to disconnect the power for a minute and restart the computer. At first, it would shut down before it finished booting up. Then my computer supplier suggested I plug in the power in a different outlet and now I get about 30 minutes.
My operating system is windows XP
My coputer supplier does not seen to have any answers. Hope you can help. Thank you very much.


Hello Joe. try using a different Ethernet cable as it could be faulty and therefore shortening out the computer at times. It is rare, but it happens. If that doesn't work, try a different port on the back of the router (modem).

If the problem persists, this could be a more serious problem. You might have an internally dusty computer that has finally caught up to itself causing it to overheat. Open the side panel up (do this for both while you're at it) and look to see how clean the computers are on the inside. If they are really nice inside, leave alone. If you notice some dust, take the computer(s) to where you have access to an air compressor (An air can or shop vac is not enough to do the job, trust me). Blow the dust out using the compressor (making sure the compressor isn't condensing water and blowing it out the nozzle.)

If this is not the problem, I'd suggest looking at taking the computer to a local computer shop to have them look for a solution that could be related to a deeper hardware issue that I don't know about.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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